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We are Romain, Benoît, Baptiste, Fred and Tristan. By mixing years of experience and our large range of skills in the event and communication industries, we have created a true and rich network of near 900 qualified profiles, from production, field coordination to technical skilled freelancers all over France (and even beyond!)

  • Romain Petit - Les Régisseurs
    Romain Petit 10 years in field management
    for public, festivals, fairs & exhibitions, sports events…
  • Baptiste Rousselin - Les Régisseurs
    Baptiste Rousselin 10 years in production management
    as a PCO and for public, sports, corporate events…
  • Fred Morin - Les Régisseurs
    Fred Morin 15 years in project management
    in communication agencies and as freelancer

Our job? Build YOUR event team

We constantly seek for the best profiles. Those who combine the know-how and soft skills to bring an event expertise and a real human asset you expect on your events. We look after all aspects when recruiting your staff.


Production Manager, Logistics Manager, Technical Director, Project Manager…

Field coordination / Stage Management

Managers and coordinators in any field / any type of event: public, sports, cultural, street marketing, fairs & exhibition, congress, venue management, specific licenses and qualifications…


All skilled personnel to support onsite coordination: roadies, handlers, technicians, assistants…

Our added value : personalised recruitment !

We are deeply convinced of the importance of the human side and adequation of personalities to have successful tailormade recruitment. Whether to understand the particular need of our clients or to create a sincere and strong relationship with our freelancers. That is why we never recruit only a resumé, but people… with whom we lengthily communicate prior to each test, each mission, project, and we meet and follow-up on a regular basis. This is how we can propose to you the ‘right’ profile, for each of your staffing needs.


A rigorous search constantly completed by our network, our meetings, recommendations by our partners and our various experiences.


Human interactions come first, with our clients such as our 900 freelancers, simply by remaining available and attentive, daily or while visiting them during our own ‘Tour de France’ throughout the year.


Our crossed skills, jobs and experience allow us to deploy ourselves on any field of marketing, sports, corporate or cultural, congresses, conventions, and exhibitions etc…


Our daily goal is to bring THE right solution. This year, our 110 event agency clients and technical suppliers helped us to deploy more than 850 events, with a successful recruitment rate of 99.2%!


The right answer to us: available profiles, nearby and matching your specific needs (licenses, qualifications, languages, software management, etc.)

For your needs, more time and expertise

Expertise evenementielle equipes production operations

A win-win equation

Time saved for your project and/or production teams. A precious time when decisions from clients shorten to the maximum the required time for planning events.

A simpler organisation, with a ‘Human Resources’ turnkey solution (contracts, expenses, recruitment…)

A lighter carbon foot-print by recruiting locally to optimise expenses and business trips.

Our successes

THANK YOU to the 110 agencies & suppliers in the event field who trusted us in 2022.

With us, talking to each other is a priority

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